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  1. Most Wanted Arrested:- 1- Hemraj @ Hemu r/o Karimpoor (rewardee of Rs.50000/-), 2- Sunil r/o Mitrol (rewardee of Rs. 25000/-), 3- Ombir r/o Baraut, Shamli, UP (rewardee of Rs.10000/-), 4- Radhey r/o Gaghot (rewardee of Rs. 50000/-), 5- Hariya r/o Bhansrawali, Faridabad (rewardee of Rs. One Lac).

  2. Cigarette theft of Rs. 10 Lacs from City area :- Naseem r/o Nizam Nagar, Delhi, Bijender r/o Fatehpur Beri, Delhi, Raja r/o Nizam Nagar, Delhi arrested reg. above mentioned case.

  3. PS Hathin firing sensitive matter :- Manoj and Ranvir r/o Kalsara round up and traced out the blind firing matter of PS Hathin

  4. Highway Robbery and Snatching Cases Solved:- Kuldeep, Sandeep, Deepak all r/o Dhatir, Manoj r/o Hodal, Krishan r/o Palri, Yashbir r/o Gahlab are arrested and solved 20 blind cases.
  • Increased Police Presence

  • Crime Largely under Control

  • Law & Order Situation  well under control.

  • List of POs and Bail jumpers revised.




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