Tips for Hiring Domestic Servants

  • Antecedents of domestic servants should be verified wherever possible through the police before they are employed. Keeping a record of finger prints, photographs and personal details of all domestic servants may be useful.
  • Discussion about tours etc. necessitating absence from home should be avoided in the presence of servants.
  • It is prudent to ensure the presence of a member of the family to oversee the servant's work in the office room, bed room etc. This will minimize the possibility of his tampering with anything or planting booby traps etc.
  • Whenever a domestic servant is dismissed for misconduct, the fact must be intimated to the local police immediately.

Tips for Car Drivers/Owners

  • Keep vehicles locked at all times.
  • Use devices like steering locks and side locks for extra protection.
  • Park vehicles in covered garages as far as possible.
  • Do not lend your vehicle to strangers.
  • Get your Car's registration number etched onto the front and rear window screen and all four window panes. So that if it stolen, this etching will help the Police.
  • Keep the Tax Token and your Driving license in original with you. Photocopy of the registration certificate will suffice.
  • As far as possible, the car should not be left unattended.


The challenge of making our roads safer can be met only with the whole hearted support and commitment of the entire community. So what can we do to help as citizens?

  1. Be a model road user- Learn the rules and follow them conscientiously even when nobody is watching. Don't justify traffic violations by saying that you are sure that they are 'safe'. Remember, you are inspiring others to violate law and they may do so under not so safe circumstances.
  2. Educate others- anybody you can influence, your family, your friends or your colleagues. The task of teaching the rules or road safety to a society as diverse and heterogeneous as ours requires the dedicated support of enlightened citizens. You can use your special gift for art or music or theatre or technology for carrying the message of road safety to the millions who need to be educated.
  3. Be active citizens- Your enthusiasm can force even the most lethargic of systems to move. Know the traffic problems and road safety issues of your locality, your office, your child's school and so on. You must follow up on the construction of that rotary or the installation of that traffic signal that is needed in your locality. Your enthusiasm shall ensure that no procedural bottle-necks hold up urgently needed engineering works.
  4. Don't expect the Government to do it all- The community has immense resources. It can definitely raise internal funds for minor interventions like building a wall to close a dangerous illegal entry point or engaging private manpower to help in the regulation of parking in commercial areas or outside schools.
  5. Always help the accident victim - the fear of false implication in the matter is totally irrational. You must be prepared to undertake the responsibility of taking the victim to a hospital and waiting for his family to appear. Remember- it could have been you.
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