Traffic Marshal Scheme

What is the Traffic Marshal Scheme?

The Palwal Traffic Police has introduced the concept of Traffic Marshals on lines of the Chandigarh Traffic Police in order to improve its interface with the citizens. Under this scheme citizen volunteers are invited to participate as 'Marshals' in the enforcement drives of the traffic police. As a first step, the volunteers are sensitized about the need for road safety and the role of traffic law enforcement in achieving the same. The procedure adopted for the challaning of traffic offenders is also explained to the marshals. The marshal is then picked up from his residence at the time of the planned joint enforcement activity after seeking his consent in advance. The marshal then performs the task of answering any queries posed by any traffic offender who is being challaned in the field for the commission of a traffic offence. The marshal serves as the community's observer for ensuring complete transparency and impartiality of the enforcement process. The marshals often provide useful feedback on possible weaknesses in the challaning process and suggestions to remove the same. The Traffic Marshals are also invited to all Road Safety Events and programmes organized by the traffic police.

Who can be a Traffic Marshal?

Any citizen can enroll as a Traffic Marshal. Preference is given to senior citizens and retirees having some relevant experience in public dealing.

How can you enroll as a Traffic Marshal?

As a first step the volunteer is required to fill up an application form and provide a copy of his latest passport size photograph. In order to procure the form you may call at the Palwal Traffic Police Control Room Number 0171-2550101 and give your mailing address. The form would be mailed to you or may even be delivered by a special messenger. The filled up form may then be mailed to the Office of the Superintendent of Police, Palwal. District Police Headquarters, Police Lines Palwal. The application form may also be downloaded from this site. After a short trial period a special badge is provided to the marshal in recognition of his services. The badge is worn prominently by the marshal during joint enforcement activity.

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